Reversing the Abortion Pill Part 1

Since the release of RU486, chemical abortion numbers have been increasing every year in the United States. But a few short years ago, Dr. George Delgado of San Diego, California pioneered a protocol to reverse the effects of the abortion … Continue reading

Victims of Obamacare Part 2

Since its inception, the Affordable Care Act has negatively affected our nation’s standard of medical care, resulting in fewer choices and competition among physicians and health care plans. At the same time, the government has resorted to intimidating hospitals and … Continue reading

Victims of Obamacare Part 1

To say the Affordable Care Act—better known as Obamacare—is off to a bad start would be a gross understatement. With millions of insurance plans canceled, costs spiraling through the roof, and some people going without treatment for life-threatening conditions, it … Continue reading

A Pro-Life Legacy to Last a Lifetime Part 2

In part two, Dr. Willke talks about his continued pro-life work focusing on education and research through Life Issues Institute. For years, he used the argument that abortion kills and harms babies. But new research consisting of market testing provided … Continue reading

A Pro-Life Legacy to Last a Lifetime Part 1

Dr. Jack and Barbara Willke were married for nearly 65 years and never imagined the historical significance their lives would have, with them being central to the development of a worldwide pro-life movement. In part one, Dr. Willke recalls the … Continue reading