Pro-Life Boot Camp

Heart for the Next Generation is a 4-day event in Dayton, Ohio geared at rallying the next generation of young people to boldly take a stand for life. The event includes 200 attendees from across 17 different states, with the … Continue reading

A Look Back: Season 7

In this past season of Facing Life Head-On, we’ve seen some remarkable and heart-warming stories. In this episode, Brad revisits stories that stand out as favorites. First Brad revisits traveling to Austin, Texas, where he covered the battle surrounding major … Continue reading

The Stem Cell Debate is Over

The last few years we’ve seen a flood of breakthroughs with treatments and cures using adult stem cells. While at the same time, embryonic stem cells have done nothing to alleviate disease and other conditions plaguing the human race. Dr. … Continue reading

The Tragedy of Suicide

Suicide is the 10th leading cause of death in the United States with 38,000 suicide deaths reported each year. In today’s society, there’s a stigma associated with suicide. Most people won’t talk about it and treat it with fear. But … Continue reading

Snowflake Adoptions

Nightlight Christian Adoptions is a full-service child placement agency in Los Angeles, California that pioneered the first embryo adoption program in 1997. The program gives couples with remaining embryos the option to choose a family to adopt their embryo and … Continue reading