Fostering Special Needs: A Special Adoption Story

Twenty years ago, single mom Pat McCollum decided that she wanted to help children in difficult circumstances by becoming a foster and adoptive parent. In 1998, Pat faced her biggest challenge when a foster agency called about a 7-year-old boy … Continue reading

Hope for Lilliana

On May 17, 2011, Lilliana Dennis was born to Rhonda and Russell Dennis. But just a few hours after her birth, she was taken for testing that confirmed she was born with Trisomy 18. T18 is a chromosomal anomaly that … Continue reading

Conceived in Rape

Liz Carl was a senior in high school attending a college Halloween party when she was brutally raped. When Liz discovered she was pregnant a month later, she was conflicted about what to do. Even though she had been raised … Continue reading

When the Mother’s Life Hangs in the Balance

When a woman discovers she’s pregnant, cancer is usually the last thing on her mind. But there’s a growing number of women who are being diagnosed with cancer while pregnant. Many doctors will advise abortion in an effort to save … Continue reading

Where There’s Life, There’s Hope Part 2

In part two of this powerful episode, Brad hears about the recoveries and current lives of our courageous guests. Eric Edmundson: After undergoing eight months of acute therapy at the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago, Eric had made enough progress to … Continue reading