Going to Bat for Down Syndrome

Going to Bat for Down Syndrome As the third baseman for the Pittsburgh Pirates, Andy LaRoche is making a name for himself in the sports world. But he’s also trying to make a name for himself off the field. Andy … Continue reading

Unexpected Joys Part 1

Unexpected Joys Part 1 Will’s adventures in life are pretty much like those of other six year old boys. He’s curious, packed with energy, likes super heroes, and takes pride in getting on the bus with his elementary school buddies. … Continue reading

Gigi’s Playhouse

Gigi’s Playhouse Society often underestimates the value individuals with Down syndrome can add to their families and communities. Nancy Gianni discovered this after giving birth to her daughter GiGi, who was born with Down syndrome. Determined to remain positive and … Continue reading

A Look Back: Season 3

A Look Back: Season 3 Over the past three years Facing Life Head-On has explored some pretty amazing stories about life. Brad has interviewed guests about their decision to adopt frozen embryos; he’s met with the parents of Terri Schiavo to learn … Continue reading

Unexpected Joys Part 2

Unexpected Joys Part 2 This week we are recognizing the positive developments being made in the Down syndrome community and how these developments are being embraced by society at large. There are an increasing number of young adults with Down … Continue reading